March 19, 2011

A Toast to the Sunny Side and Blogging Sistas

we heart it
So, I work for my sorority. And kind of how teachers aren't supposed to have favorite students, I'm pretttttty sure I'm not supposed to have favorite chapters or even favorite members.

But, I do.

I met Lauren Cook, a collegiate member of our fabulous UCLA chapter, at my sorority's recent leadership training weekend. You know how there are just those people you meet and just KNOW you could be BFFs with? She's totally one of those people. Energetic, warm, fashionable...AND a fabulous blogger - I should have known we would hit it off. What's not to love?

Now, you should know that I've always had a special place in my heart for UCLA. While I'm not a Chi Omega legacy or even a Sooner legacy, I AM, in fact, a Bruin legacy. My grandparents went to UCLA and my mom's side of the family is originally from the Southern California area. So, it's no wonder why I liked meeting Lauren so much!

Lauren was faboosh enough feature me as her "Sunny Spotlight" last week on her ever-so-positive blog, The Sunny Side, and I wanted to share the short interview with you guys. Enjoy, y'all! And be sure to follow Lauren's blog and Facebook page!


Yours Truly on the UCLA campus this fall


  1. i have to tell you, that in the last 3 days i have eaten AN ENTIRE loaf of bread in toast form...2 slices with cinnamon & sugar and the rest with butter and strawberry jam. holy moly have i been craving toast. just thought i'd share. you should toast that...

  2. Whitney--you are sooo sweet! I think you are so sweet, intelligent, and kind and I'm so glad that I met you! I hope that you are loving your job at Headquarters and I hope that we can welcome you back to UCLA again soon!